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Ken Hayward

Born in Edmonton on January 31, 1962, Ken spent at least 15 years in Grande Prairie. Having returned to Edmonton for health reasons, Ken now lives with his sister and their wiener dog.

At home Ken enjoys watching comedies, old movies and listening to country music.  He also likes to spend time with his sister going out to bingo.

Working in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, Ken has honed in on pottery in the last year.  His explorations in clay have led him to create several different series of works.  From succulent, sculptural pots to small, rustic cabins, Ken’s curiosity keeps his work fresh.

Ken is also a landscape painter.  His landscapes come from his memories of trips that he’s made.  He uses watercolor in a traditional style but his paintings have a unique simplicity that give them a dark, desolate edge.  A feeling of loss and melancholy pervades his small but powerful works.