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David Canough

I was born in 1967, in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada with a developmental disability. I get shaky and nervous, and I cannot read or write. I live in a group home Edmonton, Alberta. I like to go shopping, I like to spend my money on junk food and movies, and I bowl and play softball with Special Olympics.

I have been making art at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts for the last seven years. I make: ceramics, paintings, and drawings. I also dance and have performed in public a couple of times.

“Squash Me” is my first animation. I made my Sasquatch from plastiscene and wire, after watching the Pattison video on the internet, staff at the Centre showed me how to work with I Can Animate on the iPad, and then I shot my footage. We put this footage into Adobe AfterEffects to edit and add special effects. I also made the music for my movie with Garage Band on the iPad.