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Corwin Cherwonka

Corwin was born in 1989 in Edmonton, was raised in Beaumont and currently resides in Edmonton.

"I went to Holy Trinity Catholic high school’s special needs program and graduated in 2007. Currently I live at home with my Mom, Dad, sister and her two kids. I have been diagnosed as a person with Autistic Spectrum disorder.

My art is made in the ceramic studio at the NHCA where I spend about two days a week. My absolute favorite medium to work with is clay. Because it is so malleable it’s amazing you can start with something as simple as a block of clay and when you’re done it you can make it into almost any shape you can imagine.

My favorite subject matter is humanity and expressing the range of emotions and experiences that make up a human life. I think art is important for the single fact that without it life would be very uninteresting. There would be nowhere for us to express ourselves. The world would be extremely bland gray and white and in no time life would dip into chaos. No singers, no technology, no outlets in which to express ourselves. I think without art the world would be a very boring place. I think it is important to be an artist because if you have the talent you should create something."

Corwin has had exhibit at the Stollery Gallery and the Stanley A. Milner Library and Alison Redford has two of his works.